How To Get the Most Out Of Your Universal Studios Tour Experience

Universal Studios is a huge place, with lots to see
and do. If you want to experience as much as
possible in one day, it is important to plan your day.
By planning your day, you will be able to get more
in than you would if you went in without a viable plan.

Start the day with the Universal Studios Tour. It
takes one hour, and you need to be there before
the gates open. It is important to be on that very
first tour, so you can avoid some of the long lines
at the theme park.

Universal Studios is divided into two lots ? the upper
lot and the lower lot. When you are ready for the
theme park attractions, start on one lot or the other,
and visit all of the attractions on that lot before
moving to the other one. This will cut down a lot of
walking time. The upper lot usually opens before
the lower lot, so start at the top if possible.

After a day at the theme park, be sure to visit
Universal City Walk right outside the gates of the
park. The City Walk is three blocks of shops,
restaurants, bars, and entertainment. This is a great
way to end a perfect day at Universal Studios Tours.

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Guest Services at Universal Studios Tours

There are many services that will help you enjoy
your day at Universal Studios, and you should
definitely take advantage of the ones that apply to
your situation. The folks at Universal want you to
have a positive experience, and these services are
meant to help you do just that.

There is a ?Will Call? service located right outside the
gates. Here, you can have tickets that were
purchased online reprinted if necessary, get ticket
reservations, or put your pet in a kennel. Also located
outside the gate is the Group Sales Window. Here,
you can renew your annual passes, or replace lost
annual passes. The Annual Pass Center is also
located here.

The Guest Relations booth is where you will find
visitor information concerning hotels, campsites,
and other interesting things to do in the area. You
can also get assistance and guides for guests with
disabilities and audio assist units. Travel assistance,
lost and found, and the lost children?s center are also
located in and near the Guest Relations booth.

Strollers and Wheelchairs are available for rent in the
upper lot. Lockers, where you can store your items
for the day, are also available. ATM Machines are
located at the main entrance and in the lower lot by
the Jurassic Cove Caf?. You may use traveler?s
checks and credit cards at the ticket booth and in
the gift shops. Checks are not accepted at
Universal Studios, and proper identification is
required for the use of credit cards and traveler?s

First Aid is located in the upper lot near Animal
Planet Live. There is another first aid station inside
the Jurassic Park Visitors Center, which is situated
in the lower lot. There are eight designated smoking
areas, which are indicated on the park map.
Smoking will not be permitted in any other areas of
the park.

You should also take advantage of the Package
Deliver Service at Universal Studios Tours. This
service will allow you to buy merchandise, and then
pick it up near the exit before you leave. The package
pickup is located near Universal Film Company.

Again, all of these services are designed to make
your visit to Universal Studios Tours more enjoyable.
If you have any problems at the park, including
problems are situations that are not discussed
here you should find a staff member and request
assistance. They will do everything within their
power to help you rectify your problem, and
continue with your Universal Studios Tour.

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Discount Tickets for Universal Studios Tours

When you plan a vacation, your vacation budget is
probably in the very front of your mind. Vacations
can be quite expensive, and it is important to cut
costs wherever you can, without sacrificing your
families fun. You can save quite a bit of money with
discounted tickets for Universal Studios Tours.

There are many ways to obtain discounted tickets
for Universal Studios Tours. Coca-Cola has
specially marked cans that will save $10 on
admission for a certain number of people. You can
also save money by asking your travel agent for
special deals. Many businesses also have coupons
for discounted tickets. You will save additional
money by purchasing your tickets online, and
printing out your tickets on your home printer.

Look for discounts for students and senior citizens,
as well as for children under a certain age. Many
groups are eligible for group discounts. In many
cases, you won?t know about the Universal Studios
Tours discounts unless you ask. If you attend
college, ask about discount tickets in the Registrars
office or in the Student?s Services office at your

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Be Part of the Action at Universal Studios Tours

Have you ever dreamed of being on a reality show?
Here is your chance! Universal Studios Tours now
has Fear Factor Live, which is a stunt show that
uses audience volunteers. With three to five shows
each day, the chances of getting on the show are
pretty good!

Are you ready to face your fears? There are some
important things to know about Fear Factor Live at
Universal Studios Tours before you sign up. First,
this is for real. This is not a cheesy attempt to
replicate Fear Factor and please a studio audience.
The stunts are very real, and they are performed by
audience members just like you. There is no
coddling here!

If you still want to participate, simply visit the casting
office, which is located near the Terminator ride in
the theme park. You must meet certain physical
requirements to ensure that you can handle what
is about to be asked of you. You must also
complete and sign a liability form, holding Universal
Studios and Fear Factor harmless of any injuries or
damages you may incur.

Before the show begins, some audience members
who were not selected to participate are called on
stage to face smaller challenges, such as eating
various bugs. The winner of the pre-show contest
wins great prizes, such as an annual pass to the
theme park. This is followed by an audience warm
up with the hosts of the show.

The show consists of six contestants that were
chosen from the casting office ? if your lucky, you
might be one of these! They are dressed just as the
contestants on the original Fear Factor dress ? in
tight uniforms. A series of challenges, much like the
challenges on Fear Factor are presented to the
contestants. Falls from high places, skill tests, and
of course, the famous gross-out challenge. During
the show, a random audience member is picked
for yet another challenge ? such as sticking their
head in a tank full of scorpions.

If you?ve ever watched Fear Factor, and told all of
your friends that you could handle everything that
was thrown at those contestants, be careful. Here is
your big chance to prove yourself ? or your friends?
chance to prove you wrong! Win or lose, Fear
Factor Live at Universal Studios Tours could be the
highlight of your visit! If you want to be on the show,
visit the casting office as soon as you get to the
park to make sure that you meet the physical
requirements ? and if you don?t meet the
requirements, ask about being in the audience.

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Cooking is one of the most enjoyable activities that parents can do with their kids. Every child should experience the fun of creating healthy meals in the kitchen and it should not be a place reserved just for mom.

Healthy cooking with kids is beneficial to both parents and kids. Children can learn essential living skills such as how to cook and how to be organized. They can also apply the knowledge that they have learned in school; for example addition and subtraction in math. Moms can ask simple questions such as, “If we are serving one muffin per guest and we have five guests, how many muffins should we bake?” This type of question is fun for kids and they get to use math in a real world way. As the kids get older they can learn about ratio, weight, and even science in the kitchen.

When kids are given simple tasks like spreading jam on bread using a blunt knife, it lets them practice using their eyes and hand and helps improve their motor skills and coordination. By completing each task, the kids will gain more confidence and they will become independent because they know they can do anything if they put their mind to it.

Parents who practice healthy cooking with their kids are spending quality time with them while doing something fun. This is a great opportunity for parents to communicate and interact more with their children, thus strengthening the family relationship. Encourage the kids to ask questions during the cooking activity so they can understand better the process of cooking.

After the kids have completed their tasks; such as cutting vegetables or peeling potatoes, remember to compliment them for doing their jobs well. We adults love compliments and kids feel the same way too. This will definitely boost their confidence.

Children are more likely to eat what they have prepared or cooked. This is a chance for parents to introduce new food to their children who are picky eaters. If they do not like their greens, let them pick a salad recipe and prepare it. Give them options to add things like dried cranberries, mandarin oranges, small goldfish crackers, etc. Make fun, colorful desserts together such as berries with yogurt.

Your kids will be so proud of the food they’ve prepared so keep that in mind when you eat it, even if it looks a little “funny.” Parents can also encourage their children’s inner chef to prepare their own lunch box for school. Steer them in the direction of interesting ways to prepare healthy food when they’re young and they may learn to love their veggies. In other words, they can learn healthy eating habits through learning how to cook healthy food.

Parents cooking with their kids can be a weekly activity. By having our kids help us in the kitchen, they will learn some of the necessary skills to succeed in life and who knows, they may become the best chefs in the world.

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Treating ADHD Without Drugs

By following the parenting tips ADHD in this article, you can help your child reduce the symptoms of ADHD, so he can improve his performance at school and at home and get along better with others. As you can guess, small changes in diet and lifestyle can make for big changes in your child’s quality of life.

Parenting Tips ADHD: Exercise

For kids who are hyperactive, getting enough exercise is important. Actually, it’s important for all of us, parents as well as children. If your family life tends to be sedentary, get out in the world and try different family activities. In the winter, you can go for walks in the snow, build a snow fort, go ice skating, skiing or sledding. During the rest of the year, you can participate in even more outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, playing tennis, jogging, or going for a bike ride.

Exercise relieves stress and helps hyperactive kids blow off steam. Exercising out in nature adds to this effect because it soothing, invigorating and refreshing. Even when you can’t exercise outdoors, make family fitness a priority.

Parenting Tips ADHD: Nutrition

Since kids with ADHD have been shown to be deficient in certain minerals and nutrients, like zinc, niacin and omega 3’s, give your child a healthy diet that is abundant in fresh foods. Leafy green and cruciferous vegetables, whole grains, fresh fish such as salmon, lean meats, nuts, legumes and fruit in season will give your child a variety of nutrients from which to build a healthy body and calm mind.

Staying away from processed foods will reduce insulin, making it easier for your child to focus and stay calm. In this culture, we tend to discount the importance of diet, but what you eat becomes your body’s fuel and the body simply does not operate efficiently when fueled by sugar or junk food.

Parenting Tips ADHD: Natural Supplements

Although the importance of a healthy diet cannot be underestimated, it is essential to supplement the diet with herbal remedies that are formulated specifically to reduce the symptoms of ADHD. These remedies contain botanicals that soothe the nervous system, reduce irritability, frustration and outbursts and increase the ability to focus and stay on task.

Many parents do not realize that a quality natural supplement can work just as effectively as pharmaceutical drugs to reduce the symptoms of ADHD without side effects. In fact, if you are trying to wean your child off drugs, you can use these remedies along with your child’s current medication because they have no interactions. Better still, since the remedies supply the brain with much needed nutrients, they actually work to heal dysfunction with daily use.

Since all remedies are not created equal, make sure to do your research and look for a supplement that contains proven ingredients such as hyocyamus, arsen iod and tuberculinum.

So there you have it. By following these simple parenting tips, ADHD symptoms will diminish and your child’s natural intelligence and confidence will be restored.

Sporting Goods

There are many parents who are looking for parenting tips. When it comes to that, you will find that there are many guides and mentors out there. However, reading through them, you will find that you want to know what the top parenting advice is. Here are the top seven tips that you should know about mentoring children.

The first parenting tip that you will need to know is that no matter what you are doing, you need to show love and compassion. Even when they do wrong, the best parenting advice that we can give you is to praise your child when they do something right and even after you discipline them, you allow them to know that you love them.

Another parenting tip is that you need to discipline children. When you do this, you need to get on their level. Kids don’t do well when you are literally talking them down. You need to follow through when you do this. If you have given a warning, be sure to follow up. If they commit the same misbehavior again, then you need to discipline them as this is how to set the boundaries straight. If you don’t do this, they will keep pushing your limits further and further.

One of the best parenting tips is to be sure that you can control and manage your anger. Too many parents are acting out in anger and children end up getting hurt. So, you want to be sure to take deep breaths and relax before confronting your child. You have approach children in an understanding manner. When you do this, you will find things to be a lot easier to deal with. Find some personal time for you and your spouse to relax when the child is not around. Reducing stress is the best way to absorb more pressure from your child.

Parents will tell you that the best parenting advice that they can give you would be to relax. It might seem hard to do, but you have to do this. This is how you keep yourself from going insane. There are too many parents that forget this golden rule and with the weight of all other things weighing down on them, they find that handling children problems can be pretty hard to deal with. This causes them to lash out and hurt the child and themselves.

While you are to monitor your child’s behavior, you will learn that you need to monitor your own as well. Sometimes you have to see the things that you are doing and work on changing them. When you can do this, you can then set the right example for your children. These are just a few tips that parents have used to make life easier. It might be challenging, but it is doable. Part of taking care of a child is ensuring that you can take care of yourself. You want to be able to do this as this keeps you in a right state of mind. This allows you to calmly deal with your child a lot easier than before.

20 Cold Prevention Tips for Moms

While colds can be caught ANY time of year, this time of year is prime for our kids to catch colds. It is never too early to teach our children to be sanitary and how to avoid getting sickness and germs. We hope these tips help you keep your little ones…AND…Dr. Mom herself from catching any nasty bugs this cold season!

20 Cold Prevention Tips for Moms

1. Wash Hands Frequently. Moms need to teach our kids to wash their hands with soap and water regularly. They should wash them after they use the bathroom, before they eat, when they are around sick people, etc. Explain to them what the cleaning does and how it keeps those mean little germs that make them miserable.

2. Keep Sanitizer on Hand. While washing your hands with soap and water is the best, sanitizer is certainly a good substitute when you are away from a sink. I give my little one a pocket sanitizer to keep with her. It not only makes her feel like a “big girl,” she is learning to use it when needed to avoid sickness. She knows to use it when she is around other sick kids.

3. Flue Shot. This will not prevent all illnesses. However, it will keep the flue bug at bay.

4. Avoid Sick People. Unfortunately, for kids this can be hard. Many parents will send their kids to church, school or daycare sick. They do not care that their kids are getting other kids sick. So, you will not always be able to avoid this. However, when possible keep away from sick people!

5. Airborne. I love this product! When you know you are going to be in contact with illness or one of your family members have already gotten sick, this is a GREAT way to prevent more sickness, or at the very least keep it from getting as bad. They have it for adults and kids. (

6. Teach your Kids to use a Tissue. Coughing and sneezing into their hands is NOT a good thing. They are putting the germs there and everywhere they touch. Teach them to use a tissue.

7. Keep Hands away From Face. This can be tricky. Mostly for the littler ones. However, try and teach your little ones to keep their hands away from nose and mouth…ESPECIALLY when around sick people.

8. Drink Lots of Water. Water is the best drink. Moms must teach our children young to appreciate it and get used to drinking it. My kids rarely drink soda or other beverages. I only allow 6oz of juice a day, a couple cups of milk, and water takes up the rest. The reason I do not give a lot of juices is because it can cause obesity. FRESH fruit is better.

9. Eat Fresh Veggies and Fruit. There are tons of antioxidants and germ fighting nutrients in fresh fruits and vegetables. Train your child to eat them and they will learn to love them. Children learn what they are taught. If you give your child junk, they will crave junk. If you give them fruits and veggies, they will learn to love them and eat healthy as adults.

10. Yogurt. Eat more yogurt. There are good bacterias in yogurt that research has shown to help reduce your chances of getting a cold by 25%!

11. Exercise. Kids…and adults need exercise. It is good for your body and keeps you healthy. Exercise makes your body strong and able to fight illness.

12. Get proper sleep. Kids need sleep. 8 hours. Teenager need 10 hours. Adults need 7-8 hours. Get proper sleep Moms and make sure your kids are too!

13. Stay Warm and Dry. Well, this is pretty obvious. LOL. Do not let your kids get we and cold! Make them dress warm for the cold weather.

14. Do not share Cell Phones. This is more for adults and older children. Teach them to avoid sharing their cell phone when sickness is around.

15. Do not Share Make Up, Drinks, etc…Again, this is for the older ones. No sharing lip gloss, powders, etc. This should be an always rule. There are many things that can be caught from sharing these types of things. Teach them NOT to share things that they consume or touch any part of the face.

16. Sanitize Surroundings. This is mostly for Mom. When sickness does come in the house, clean frequently. Wash the sheets, pillows and clothes. Spay some antibacterial spray, sanitize frequently. This will help it from spreading to the rest of the family members.

17. No Smoking and Drinking. Hopefully, our little ones do not do this! However, if Mom gets sick…well. Plus it is unhealthy. Also, if you do smoke in front of your kids, you are not helping them. They are more likely to get sickness and become smokers themselves!

18. Take Vitamins. No one get ALL they need from food…well, at least no one I have ever known! Find a good quality vitamin and take it on a regular basis. DO the same for your kids. Make sure they have antioxidants, vitamin C, E and Selenium. These are all great in boosting the immune system.

19. Avoid Stress. Stress is not good for your immune system. Find ways to avoid stress for yourself and kids. Yes, kids feel our stress and any tension in the home. Do yourself and your children a favor and learn stress prevention.

20. Get some Fresh Air. Fresh air makes you feel good and it is good for you! Plus, if there is sickness in the house, getting away from the germs is a GOOD thing!

These tips are sure to help you avoid illness or at the very least help keep it from becoming a nightmare! It is our job as Moms to train our children. We need to teach them many things…including how to keep germs away and take care of themselves!

Common Sense Parenting Tips

For some, being a parent comes naturally. In fact, many first-time mothers have no problem dealing with their newborns. From the time the child is born, through breastfeeding to interpreting their cries, these parents just seem to do the right thing at the right time. This is calm, confident, common sense parenting.

However, many parents do struggle in raising their children. This does not mean that they are bad parents. It means that they need to hone the parenting skills they already have and get some new skills as well. Parents can always benefit from becoming informed about some of the most effective parenting techniques in this method, in order to become more effective parents to their children.

One particular system or method that experts know to be quite effective in raising children would be to rely on this common sense parenting method. Common Sense Parenting or CSP is a practical parenting process, which is based on everyday skills, applying these skills naturally to different situations. Sometimes it is easy to detect these natural consequences. An example is a child spilling a water vase and flowers from roughhousing. The natural consequence would be for the child to clean up the mess. Common sense parenting includes logical strategies as well as easy-to-learn techniques that address issues on discipline, communication, decision-making, self-control, family relationships, and education.

Goals This Method Suggests:

1) Developing a conceptual framework to understand behavior from a family or relationship point of view

2) Developing an understanding of the learned parental responses which impact the behavior of children

3) Developing practical or “common sense” responses for your children’s behavior

4) Developing practical tools which could be used in parenting children

5) Developing skills to encourage and reward appropriate behavior

5) Using a positive approach to negative or unwanted behaviors

6) Incorporating a lesson with each incident of unwanted behavior

Through using the common sense parenting method, a parent can easily become a more effective and loving parent. As a parent follows their own family goals, involving the children in the process creates a smoother path to success.

Common sense parenting is familiar to schools, communities, and organizations. It can be a stress-relieving factor in helping parents develop the skills needed to improve the behavior of their children. Continue researching to improve your parenting skills. Common sense parenting style may just be the method for you and your family.

Life is full of challenges, and parenting is a big one. It is the most important challenge we face. You are the best judge of your needs. There have been times that we parents have all experienced the frustrating behaviors of our children. Don’t let this frustration cause you to lose sight of your personal goals for your family. Create your own goals with common sense parenting and online parenting counseling. There is value to increasing and improving our parenting skill and getting new ideas for your discipline arsenal.

Things That Hurt Parenting

You may be shocked to find out that most parents aren’t enjoying being parents. It’s a lot of responsibility that could add stress to your life if you let it. Being a parent can be a rewarding experience if that is what you desire. Choose to be a ‘happy’ parent and you will be. If parenting is driving you up a wall, the following may explain why.

Worry. How much time to you spend worrying about your kids? You worry they’ll fall in with the wrong crowd. You worry they won’t get into the college of their dreams. You worry about them becoming or getting someone pregnant. Your worry they’ll do drugs or drink. Your worrying will eventually manifest your worst nightmare. Stop worrying! You can’t control what your kids do, but you can provide them with the right tools that will help them make the right choices. They’ll test you from time-to-time just like you tested your parents. It’s the cycle of life. Embrace it and do your best not to worry.

You listen to others. This article is to provide parents with supplemental information on parenting. You can either ignore or pay attention to it. You don’t have to listen to ‘parenting experts’ or implement everything you read. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

You compare your parenting to skills other parents. Stop comparing yourself to other parents. You may think they’re the best parents in the world but you don’t live with them 24/7. You don’t know what happens behind closed doors. They could be horrible parents who know how to ‘act’ like good parents when they’re in the public eye. Be the best parents you can be and stop comparing your skills to other parents.

Parenting unconsciously. You could be parenting your children unconsciously. You go through the motions of parenting without even thinking about it. You get fall into a daily routine that soon takes over your life. Break out of your routine by doing something different each day. Drive your kids to school via a different route. Schedule ‘family’ time every Friday or whatever day of the week works best for your family. Become more present in your life to become more present in the lives of your children.

Remember, you have 60,000 or more thoughts going through your mind every day that may affect your parenting. If you’re constantly thinking negative thoughts about parenting, they will affect your parenting. Stop every now and again and be mindful of your thoughts. What are you thinking? How are these thoughts serving you and your family? Once you begin to notice where your thoughts go, you’ll be able to change them. It will have a positive impact on your parenting skills.

Trying to change your kids. You can’t change anyone — you can only change yourself. Once your children are born they’re on their own so to speak. You can’t control them or mold them to be who you want them to be. They have every right to be who they are. You may not like to hear this but it’s true. Accept your children, flaws and all. Don’t you want to be accepted? Didn’t you wish your parents would let you be who you wanted to be? The world would be a better place if we’d stop trying to change each other. Your kids will eventually figure out who they are. For now, allow them to be kids.

If you’ve been stressing out over being a parent, stop it! You won’t be a good parent to your kids if you constantly worry or suffer from ‘monkey mind’ syndrome. Parenting can be a joyful experience if that is what you desire. If you prefer to have ‘drama-rama’ in your life then by all means keep worrying and doing what you’re doing. If you’d like to enjoy your kids and family, shift your perspective around parenting and watch as your world becomes transformed.