How To Get the Most Out Of Your Universal Studios Tour Experience

Universal Studios is a huge place, with lots to see
and do. If you want to experience as much as
possible in one day, it is important to plan your day.
By planning your day, you will be able to get more
in than you would if you went in without a viable plan.

Start the day with the Universal Studios Tour. It
takes one hour, and you need to be there before
the gates open. It is important to be on that very
first tour, so you can avoid some of the long lines
at the theme park.

Universal Studios is divided into two lots ? the upper
lot and the lower lot. When you are ready for the
theme park attractions, start on one lot or the other,
and visit all of the attractions on that lot before
moving to the other one. This will cut down a lot of
walking time. The upper lot usually opens before
the lower lot, so start at the top if possible.

After a day at the theme park, be sure to visit
Universal City Walk right outside the gates of the
park. The City Walk is three blocks of shops,
restaurants, bars, and entertainment. This is a great
way to end a perfect day at Universal Studios Tours.

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