How Was The Childhood of Kanye West?

Kanye West is said to be one of the world’s most popular rappers, and singers as well. He was born in a place called Atlanta, which is in Georgia. Unfortunately, the parents of Mr. West split by obtaining a divorce when Kanye was just three years old. His father is Ray West, who was well-known at those times as a ‘Black Panther’, he was the first black to become the photojournalist at the constitution of Atlanta Journal. He is now working as a counselor of Christianity. Speaking about his mother, her name was Dr. Donda West, who was working as an English Professor in one of the top universities of the country, Clark Atlanta University. Later, she was also promoted to another top university, the University of Chicago State, to be the English Department’s Chair. It is good to see that Kanye West’s mother later retired to serve him in his works.

During his childhood, Kanye West was enjoying a background of the middle class. He was pursuing his schooling in an educational institution called Polaris High School, which is located in Oak Lawn in Illinois. West has said in a recent press release that he used to get A’s and sometimes B’s when he was being educated in school.

Mr. West was very much interested in arts since his childhood, and as a result, after a few years, he went to be a part of art coaching classes, offered by none other than the American Academy. He later enrolled himself in another top university, the University of Chicago State, in the same field. Kanye West gave up his studies to concentrate more on music. When he was still in schooling, he had a hobby of producing the local artists for their songs. He later started gaining popularity as a producer by producing some hit singles.

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