What Are The Symptoms Of West Nile Virus In Children?

West Nile Virus is a disease spread by mosquitoes, the first occurrences of which appeared in the USA in 1999. The virus can be fatal to birds, horses, and unfortunately humans too. If you are a parent and are worried about symptoms of West Nile Virus in children then you should be aware that the virus is much less likely to be contracted by children than it is by adults. Children with weak immune systems may be more at risk than other children.

To discuss the symptoms of the West Nile Virus in children, we should know a little about the 3 different stages of the West Nile Virus. The first stage is an asymptomatic infection. This means that no symptoms are felt by the sufferer. This does not mean that it is impossible to tell if someone has contracted West Nile Virus as we should be aware of the difference between signs and symptoms. Doctors can detect the signs of viruses even if the sufferer does not feel symptoms. Around 27% of West Nile Virus cases progress to West Nile Fever. In this, febrile stage of the disease many of the symptoms displayed by your child be from other viruses, not necessarily West Nile and so you should, of course, seek a doctor’s diagnosis. Certainly, if you live in an area with high mosquito levels there is a chance your child has West Nile Virus. Some of the main symptoms of West Nile Fever in children are fever, of course, headaches, nausea, vomiting, shivering, heavy sweating, swollen glands, weakness, and fatigue. Typically these symptoms of West Nile Virus in children will subside with a week to 10 days, although glands may be swollen for many months more.

So, in most cases no symptoms will be felt at all; in around 27% symptoms of West Nile Fever in children described above will be felt, while in less than 1% of sufferers the neuroinvasive diseases West Nile meningitis and encephalitis are contracted. These are severe diseases but, again, children are less likely to be affected, and instead, adults over 50 are generally at greater risk. These symptoms of West Nile Virus in children include headaches, muscle weakness, paralysis, neck stiffness, and even coma.

If your child is complaining of any of the aforementioned symptoms it is certainly advisable to seek the help of a doctor immediately.

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